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FeralScan is a community resource to help people monitor, map and manage pest animals.

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About this project

Wombats are under threat and they need our help! Wombat survival is being impacted by a parasitic mite, causing sarcoptic mange, and human activities.
We want your help to collect information about the lives of wombats so that we can conserve these important ecosystem engineers. Wombats are Australia’s largest burrow builder and are essential in maintaining soil health and modifying habitats, including building burrows that provide shelter for a range of other species.

What information is needed to help protect Wombats?

We want to know where wombats are, if they have mange or not, and if there are burrows nearby. We also want to know about other impacts on wombats.

How you can help

You can easily help by recording where and when you observe a wombat, either dead or alive on the WomSAT Google Map. If the wombat is alive, please record whether you think it has Sarcoptic Mange (read more) or not, and if it is nearby to a wombat burrow.

What will the information be used for?

The data collected will be used to aid conservation of the species by mapping mange incidence throughout Australia, and identifying other threats to these unique animals.

It will aid in determining where mange is more prevalent or less prevalent among the wombat population and ensure their continued survival.

We will also be documenting where wombats are becoming victims of motor vehicle collisions, or other human impacts, and help to put strategies in place to prevent these deaths.

Overall we aim to improve the community's understanding of wombat biology and ecology.