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FeralScan is a community resource to help people monitor, map and manage pest animals.

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Safety message

Health and safety message

Important message for all participants

Whenever you are undertaking an outdoor activity, it is essential that you take care! If you are planning to, or undertaking a field survey, please take extra care during your activities. Pay attention to your surroundings and be mindful of any possible hazards (such as trip hazards). Be especially careful whilst looking for or recording information in the field. 

Health and safety tips to remember

1. Keep a first aid kit handy at all times.
2. Even if you are familiar with the area, take a map, compass, or GPS with you – and let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return.
3. Check the site and be watchful for possible hazards (e.g. trip hazards).
4. Take a mate, friend, neighbour or colleague with you.
5. Always wear appropriate clothing, footwear, eye-wear, sunscreen and a good hat.
6. Take a fully charged mobile phone with you if you can, and be mindful that mobile coverage may not be adequate in some areas.
7. Take adequate water and food with you.
8. If driving to a site – Stop and take regular rest breaks.
9. Avoid approaching animals that might react in fright or in defence.
10. If an emergency occurs, dial '000' for emergency assistance (Police, Fire, Ambulance).
When undertaking any field activity, it is vital that you use common sense, and never put yourself at risk. Follow these precautions and tips and have an enjoyable and safe field activity.